Hi, I am Lorraine, but you can call me Purple Chick, as it’s who Iv become this year. I have Polycystic Kidney Disease, inherited from my Dad, who died when I was 11.

I am ME, as a result of my Journey and the paths Iv walked.  Following my Transplant on 14/2/13 from my youngest Sister, I now have my breath back and not wasting a moment of it by LIVING, but also giving back as much as my body will allow me, to the RENAL  & ORGAN DONATION World.

My focus is to make other Patient’s Journeys less of a psychological one, empower, inspire and share my positive renal reflections to give hope. I believed in ME, looked after ME, empowered ME and this. Crazy Chick is surviving…fingers crossed always.





16 thoughts on “MEET PURPLE CHICK

    • Thankyou for your supportive and inspiring comments. Blogging is new to me, but I need an outlet now for expressing me more openly than be restricted by FB and Twitter, so hope in doing this, it will reach others going through a similiar journey and give support. Thankyou and hope I keep on inspiring.


      • Hi Keith,

        Apologies Iv not responded to you earlier. Iv not had the time to give to my blog with commitments to my own health and in helping many. I will get to updating next week. Lots to share.
        Keep up your amazing work, which is what Iv been trying to do in part, but mainly on FB and Twitter of late, as I do so many things, I have to focus in 2015 and embrace new challenges too.
        I have learnt so much on my journey this year in giving something back and I don’t like to say no and never do to patients, but to some others in this world, I have had to step back from.
        Being a Patient with a voice has it’s disadvantages too.

        Nothing will deter me. It’s ME and I care with passion.

        Take care and have a lovely Christmas, we will talk sometime I hope.



    • Hello Virn,

      Thankyou for your lovely words and intend to do and the same to you. I am happy I inspired, it’s what I try to do, seeing so many struggling on journeys without the support they need.

      One of my coping strategies is OUTDOORS. Throughout my 3 years of 3 major and 2 minor ops, my local woodlands were my therapy very much. If I could not walk down to the woods, I drove near to the woods or a friend would drop me there. I would take photos or just sit and talk to the trees.

      When you are in a low a place I was at times, this is where I grew up and held memories, so my photography is key to what I do to. Many patients follow my journey through my photos and gives hope. So many photos will be shared on here always.

      Funghi are a part of what I see beauty in in our beautiful countryside. Have taken a recent interest even more, after joining a Funghi Group, not foragers, organiser and myself do not agree with foraging, as it’s taking beauty from our valued woodland floors. Some funghi lovers are stripping our woodlands and it actually upsets me and Iv seen unexpectedly at the weekend and it was hard not to say anything. My views.

      Hope you enjoy your world.

      Many thanks.



  1. Hi Lorraine, I’m so glad you managed to get your life back through having a transplant. I enjoyed reading your blog, keep it up. You are an inspiration. Bernadette.


    • Hello Bernadette, Thankyou for taking time to comment, it means a lot to me.

      Yes my kidney transplant has allowed me to breathe again and eternally grateful to my sister. Not taking anything away from this gift, as with many PKD patients, I still have the Disease, however, it is to vsried degrees. I still have complications, more reason to live and do what I can to help many families still being shocked by this silent Disease.

      I have a colourful life outside if my awareness, however, often meet someone, as being single at present being drawn into conversations or I am just chatty!!! love my outdoors, woodland fairy, exploring, my photography and anything vintage.

      Iv always made my life busy, if I create, I do my best to make it work, but timing is key, as my year has proven with saying not saying no to any awareness, it’s been crazy, but Iv made a difference to hundreds of patients and that makes me smile.

      Thankyou again, take care..PC


    • Hello
      Thankyou for your time taken to comment, it’s means a lot to me on my first blogs, which I hope to continue keeping many inspired, as I keep sharing more of me to highlight for others.

      I also want to include the side of me that many don’t expect from a renal patient, being a patient Iv always been ME, and have my many varied interests, some of which Patients watch to inspire them onto a dialysis free life. Very humbling.

      Thankyou again,



      • Yes, that is fine. Have you read my Blog, as there is much insight there and my links to press features too. Although, I do like to treat everyone i connect with individually. You will have your questions that will be totally different to someone else. I am prepared to be honest. Look forward to speaking with you. Thanks for your interest. Lorraine

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    • Thanks, I am trying to get still, 3 months Blogs done and just lots to share, but having to edit, as I am my own worst critic. I say now I speak and from my Kidney. Was hoping to get done tonight, but not to be.


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