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Spring was so welcomed this year, I was so ready mentally for the fresh Spring Mornings, warmer? new growth on the trees I love and the excitement of even more flowers than last month to take yet MORE photographs of. My camera ready to snap and my Boots clicking their heels and Millie, my Dog holding her lead, saying ‘come on, where to today?”

All Wrapped up and Ready to Go

All Wrapped up and Ready to Go


BUT, SMACK, BANG, WALLOP, this Superhero needed the Avengers for sure…mmmm SPRING or SPRUNG into ACTION was definitely in this MjARCH ‘HARE’ and Purple Chick turned REBEL Activist Voice, even more to the point of I thought….WHAT….HOW….WHEN words came to mind.
I do NOT always look for challenges, they find me and I just can’t say NO, especially, if RENAL, DIALYSIS, ORGAN DONATION, COMMUNITY, NATURE, WILDLIFE and more involved.

RENAL REBEL – BOOTS ON for Tackling Man Wanting to Sell a Kidney

Mr Michael Jackson

Mr Michael Jackson


Something happened when I was speaking on Chorley FM about Organ Donation back in Late February, this man got himself into the PRESS, for reasons I did not see as a JOKE, as it appeared many of the PRESS did, as most shared it.

This LETTER I wrote in response to Lancashire Evening Post, my local paper and local team too involved, sums up my feelings and represented many Renal Patients too across the country and world too, who could not believe like me, that this was given time of day. I am known to be passionate, but this was no JOKING matter.

Press Releases, spreading this even further, but what stuck in my kidney, was the cruel comments I read on several groups, features etc that ridiculed Kidney Donation. This is what annoyed me even more, the damage being done to Organ Donation.

Despite my efforts trying to get the FA, I spoke to them receiving an email, to which I never got a response, following my response and further calls. I wanted a public APOLOGY for Renal Patients and that is what Patients shouted too on Facebook Renal Groups and some more, that I cannot share. But you have to remember the vulnerability and psychological places my fellow friends were in, many waiting for an Organ, some up to 17 years and this man makes a mockery like he did.

Many patients shared their letters received as I am doing now, standard letters from the FA and I was to be given same, until I said that this was not acceptable. This letter is still not acceptable, but I asked NHSBT and Renal Charities allowed posts on their groups, but it was too controversial ! Well damn right it was, for us as Patients.

My Letter from FA

Dear Ms Pooley,

I am writing in reference to the phone calls made to our Customer Relations team and Mr Mark Whittle, Head of Media Relations in regards to FA Cup tickets that were provided to the Preston North End supporter Mr Jackson.

This season has seen ‘The FA Cup Adventure Campaign’ in action which has been used to help promote the cup in this country but predominantly overseas. As Mr Jackson had flown from South Africa without a ticket it was felt this fitted in with what the FA Cup Adventure Campaign was looking to achieve.

The Football Association does of course realise the seriousness surrounding organ transplants and would like to apologise for any offence caused to you by us offering Mr Jackson FA Cup tickets. We are aware of the coverage Mr Jackson has subsequently received within the media and of the complaints posted on social media in relation to images that have been released by him. The Football Association does not endorse any of the phrases seen within the images posted by Mr Jackson which have since led to complaints.

As mentioned, the sole aim of providing tickets to Mr Jackson was to help promote the FA Cup adventure and due to the long distance travelled in the attempt to view the game, and nothing else.

I would like to thank you again for taking the time to contact us on this matter and please be assured your comments have been noted by Senior Management within The Football Association.

Kind regards

Jim Gay | Customer Relations & England Supporters Travel Club Manager
Communications Division
The FA
Wembley Stadium | PO Box 1966 | London | SW1P 9EQ
T +44 (0) 844 980 8200 | F +44 (0) 844 980 0670 |

This communication contains information which is confidential, which may be privileged, and which is for the exclusive use of the intended recipient(s). If you are not an intended recipient please note that any distribution, disclosure, use or copying of any part of this communication is strictly prohibited. If you have received this communication in error please notify us by return email or by telephone on +44 (0)844 980 8200 and delete this communication and any copies of it. The FA Group (which for the purpose of this communication means The Football Association Limited and its subsidiary companies including Wembley National Stadium Limited, National Football Centre Limited and FA Learning Limited) does not warrant that this email is free from error, viruses, malware, data-damaging material or other defects, or is compatible with your equipment or fit for any purpose. The FA Group may monitor, intercept and block emails addressed to its users or take any other action in accordance with its email use policy.

Statements or opinions may be expressed in this communication that are personal to the sender and do not necessarily represent the views of The FA Group or any member of it. Unless expressly stated otherwise, no member of The FA Group shall be bound by any contract or obligation purported to be created by this communication.

This communication has originated from the communications system of The FA Group.

The Football Association Limited (Company number 77797), Wembley National Stadium Limited (Company number 3388437) National Football Centre Limited (Company number 2523346) and FA Learning Limited (Company number 04249339) are all registered in England and Wales, with their registered office at Wembley Stadium, Wembley, London HA9 0WS. For The FA Tel: 0844 980 8200. For Wembley National Stadium Limited Tel: +44(0)844 980 8001



Voice growing, as I create more, if I am feeling able to. It seems if I touch …Im making it happen or have some impact, I know that now at my age what I have achieved through my Renal Adventure.

Daily inspiring and supporting on Facebook Renal Groups, plus my 4 Facebook Pages. Please say hello and appreciate LIKES to my pages, this allows me more insights and reaches I believe. Being a Volunteer, managing all this, any support and belief is welcomed for not just me, but anyone trying to make a difference to others.

Respect to all Volunteers, who help the Charities and Organisations reach their goals and YOU can help, if you need any advice on how to do this, just ask me please.

March Therapy

March Therapy




EYE4NATURE formerly Lorri’s World (My passion for Nature shared to others to inspire and give hope….Wellbeing)


PHOTOGRAPHY and Little Miss Snap Happy

Cornwall Coast my Eldest Daughters Wedding I never  thought I'd make, but WOW

Cornwall Coast Magic…at my Eldest Daughters Wedding I never thought I’d make, but WOW

In 2014 I started my EYE4NATURE page to bring my photos I had an abundance of and taking daily, to a specific Community Page and it is working, I do include other interesting Nature articles too, I am hoping will inspire others to get their Cameras out and explore.

Connected also to FB Renal Communities, sharing adventures since my Kidney Transplant. I found my love of photography, I took in my ME time, from years of passion, was becoming even more helpful to so many struggling to get out into Nature and being inspired by my 3 years of TOUGH.

Now with more energy and enthusiasm, my renewed passion, lost over a long period of being ill was BACK and being able to be OUT into NATURE, being Snap Happy again,  this could only continue to help me as last year. A time when I had to live again, give back, explore, take on challenges and I photographed everything and this all contributed to my mental wellbeing. This in turn had a positive impact on the  psychology of other Patients and their families too and made me so happy this was happening and still is.

To be truthful, I am obsessed with Nature and Photography and have gone back to how I was when I was 18 with my Yearned for Olympus Trip. Evidence in thousands of photos, one envelope has photos on 5 ducks! Ha



Forever thoughtout my life, I have had to and will continue and speak for many on difficult journeys, I look for Coping Strategues or mindful of ones that help me cope on a bad day or phase I am going through. Looking back on life, this was always the one.
Now in 2015 I want to develop my Photography more. It’s all down to time and I am a one Chick volunteer. Hope I can encourage others to take photography up, but my aim was and is to get Patients spirits lifted and give them hope to never give up first and foremost. Get out into Nature, watch in their own gardens, on their own doorstep, in their own community, just to bring a little in everyday.

It is just the best THERAPY and this year I am doing more, I have to keep my KIDNEY maintained and my LIVER happy too, so less Stress, more NATURE

I always welcome any feedback on my Blogs, I am ME and can’t and won’t change for anyone, I do say ‘I’ a lot, but does not mean I’m putting ME on a pedestal. What you see, hear is what you get, well not totally, as being Kind, I do have a quieter side to the voice, but Mystery is good. Lol.

Say HELLO on Twitter too

Eye4Nature is going on Twitter in April. Being amongst Nature is a fantastic Coping Strategy for me, even if it is an effort, you have to just take a step out of your front door and take it. Hard as it sounds, I could not do for months after my 1st Operation, but God knows, my inner strength got me out and I’m still out. But, also just looking back at my photographic memories of my LIFE, not just since my Transplant inspires ME and its me living more now to create more memories.

You should try and if you want tips or help, please ask me. Always happy to have a #PurpleChickChat

It’s always a good idea when you have any Chronic Disease, with everything going on in your head, write a few notes about what you have done in the day, positives, negatives and take a few photos if you can. As one day, you will be able to look back and say WOW, look at where I am now.

Invite NATURE into your LIFE

Invite NATURE into your LIFE



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