PKD, My Dad and Me

PKD My Dad and Me


Well first and foremost Polycystic Kidney Disease {ADPKD} killed my dad on the 13/12/72, he was 36, I was 11 and finding him dead at the side of my 3 year old brother, who had measles and was unwell, was not the best thing for me to face at that age. Dad was sleeping downstairs to stop him waking me and 3 other younger siblings upstairs and my Mum, who was pregnant with my youngest sister at the time.

CHRISTMAS was not a happy time in our house. I have blocked out, all I know is we had no tree and it was all family, as we had just had the funeral, which I went to.


For me, being the eldest, even though losing my dad, my best friend, I never really had the time to grieve or maybe I did grieve and blocked that out too….it was all action stations. I took control pretty much of my siblings day to day and family from both sides stepped up to the mark to support massively when they could. It was just hands on, delegating jobs and supporting my Mum, who lost her husband, was heavily pregnant, had 5 children and she had to go out to work in our local Pub after few months to support us.

My Community is special. The people of my village rallied round at the time of my dad's death & helped us through a touch time!

My Community is special. The people of my village rallied round at the time of my dad’s death & helped us through a tough time!

My community of Brinscall, the street where I am back living now, they all pulled together and helped us as much as they could and my Dad, being the Manager at our local Swimming Baths, everyone knew LEN, so the whole village offered support to us in losing the fun, loving, giving, character that he was and we loved.

Then Mum went into hospital early and  had my youngest sister prematurely on the 10/1/73. She wasn’t very well when born, after a short stay in hospital, she recovered quickly and so now another sister to add to the two I already had. She was adorable and became a light for us all to focus on, hence she became pretty spoilt!! {But an even more shining light much later in life.}

If you can relate to my story and want to share your experiences with me, please do, I am interested in what you have to say. Please like and share and my next Blog will be about the legacy Dad left…bless him.

Purple Chick


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