Who is Purple Chick?

Dedicate my 1st Blog to my Dad, Leonard Stanley Thornley, who died from Polycystic Kidney Disease aged 36 from an Aneurism suddenly. I was 11.

Hello everyone, well here I am with my Blog, after deliberation, urged by others and me making time to do this, I would love now to share with you a little more about Purple Chick and how I came to be and what I am doing in the RENAL and ORGAN DONATION arena.

I could share my Polycystic Kidney Disease story, however, through reflections I will share, you will get to know more. What is important to share now is where I am in my life in the moment and what is happening in the World I seem to have created and am an active part of.

I have gone from ME, Lorraine Pooley, Lorri, Lozza, Fairy, to becoming Purple Chick and how in becoming this ‘crazy’ Chick, it has allowed me to engage with more People in my life, Renal Patients, Donors, Recipients, Organ Donation, Researchers, Clinicians, Charities, NHS collaboration, Communities, Local Press, National Press, Children, Loom Bands, two Conferences soon and Parliament….Phew!

I am ME, not many understand me really and what I am about, I do not have to explain or prove to anyone, it will become apparent that what I do is for others, because it comes from within. I don’t judge and I have given just ME to all I have achieved for no recognition, all voluntary, but it comes with the role i play and I live very much my life with ’emphasis on fun’.

What makes me smile more than anything is the overwhelming recognition from those patients, who cannot use their voice and the difference I am making to Organ Donation and Dialysis Patients daily.

This is why I have decided to share some of ME more with you, how I rock and how In surviving my psychological journey with PKD, allows me to get my BOOTS on and be a catalyst for change.

I write from my heart, I do whitter, I am on anti-rejection drugs, so may lose my train of thought, repeat myself and get emotionally verbal at times. But I have nothing to hide.


Purple Chick



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